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Project X will bring all of your imaginations to the real world. X is all the things that you may think about. This is our responsibility to change the world around you to reach your dreams. Trust us when you have a dream about remodeling of interior and exterior of your residential or commercial building.

Project X Homes was established in 2015, based in Vancouver and specializes in commercial/residential improvements and renovations. We are living in rainy Vancouver and water makes the most damages on the buildings, so our main focuses are on finding the solution for this common water issue. Project X as an agent of the Schluter Systems brings the confidence of having a completely sealed property with life time warranty. We are the leaders in flooring and tiling with a crew of 25 and each person is passionate to build your world as you want, in a professional manner. For achieving the Project X mission, the employees of Project X have the necessary licenses and passing of standard training courses. Some of their licenses are shown here.

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